July 2023 Newsletter

July 31, 2023

Happy summer everyone! Here at Midtown we can’t quite believe we’re about to enter August and that it has already been a month since we held a special celebration of our nine graduates. We are so proud of them and excited for what they have ahead in their learning journey. They all started their school career at a difficult time because of the pandemic but they’ve all taken it in their stride, learnt, grown, made friends, but most of all had fun! We will miss them very much and wish them well at their new schools!

At their celebration each graduate read a little piece about themselves that they had written and we sang the ‘Big Blue Marble’ song. Joe then presented them with a beautiful Earth marble as is the Midtown tradition. Obviously there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

The beginning of July saw our two week summer break and the children spent some wonderful time with their families. They came back refreshed and ready to learn. The children’s rainbow chalk path seen below has inspired some more permanent colorful changes to the yard, amongst other more nature-based improvements – so watch this space!

Lastly a little bit of what Montessori is all about: the class worked on a group art project with a large cardboard box. They started by gluing pieces of cardboard, then painted, followed by gluing various decorations. It evolved each day with each artist’s contributions. It was a real embodiedment of Montessori’s celebration of the individual alongside the joy of collaboration.

From September we will be open until 5pm to accomodate those families who need a slightly longer day. We have filled most of the spaces left by our graduates but still have 2 full time spots available and a couple of part time options that offer more flexibility. Reach out if you are interested in touring or want to discuss availability for the part time places.

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