April 2023 Newsletter

April 29, 2023

This month we have been enjoying the springtime sunshine and getting outside as much as we can. In our garden we planted flowering plants, peas, chamomile, red sorrel, and wildflower seeds. Families brought in plants, mulch, and soil so it was a real community project. One family brought in some baby praying mantis that they had hatched so we released those in amongst the new plants.

We had a wonderful circle time with a parent who shared about their trip to Peru. We listened to jungle sounds and learned about leaf cutter ants, sloths, river dolphins, monkeys and more.

The class had many new materials to work with this month. We have been focusing on objects in the environment, seeking out and sorting metal, glass, and wood items. We have also been making rainbows with colorful objects.

At circle we practiced how to observe a friend’s work without interrupting. Great learning can happen when we are in the zone of deep concentration. Sometimes we just need a little bit of alone time, so respecting each other’s work space is an important skill to learn and one that is central to Montessori philosophy and our classroom.

More recently we made an Earth Day art project using our handprints to make oceans and continents and colored in images of plants and animals. We agreed it should be Earth Day everyday!

Have a great May.


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