March 2023 Newsletter

March 27, 2023

This month was another rainy one and although our children found all of the rain an exciting adventure, the storms have caused great harm to the already vulnerable community of Pajaro. Our parents brought in much needed clothing, diapers and non perishable food as part of a donation drive which were all taken to the Raíces y Cariño center in Watsonville. Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed.

Earlier in the month we had a presentation during circle time about chocolate from one our our parents. He showed us pictures of the Cacao plant, talked about where it grows, and we learned how chocolate is made. At the end we tasted a sample of dark chocolate. We love it when parents come in to school to share their interests or the jobs that they do.

Speaking of parents coming in to school, we hosted another of our regular Open Houses in February and the children were so excited to share their classroom with their families – showing them their favorite works, the fish and Floyd the turtle.

Valentine’s day was filled with all sorts of craft making. We worked on valentine’s letters that we put into an envelope, added a stamp, and dropped off in our classroom mailbox. At circle time we talked about ways to show each other love and kindness. The class came up with many examples including helping each other pick up a piece of paper that fell, giving hugs, playing together, giving a compliment, or sitting together at snack time.

We are now enrolling for Summer/Fall 2023 so please reach out if you would like to tour the school or have any questions about us – I’d be happy to answer them.

(858) 226 3107

Ps. You are receiving this newsletter because you joined our wait list or contacted us through our website. It is a snapshot of the weekly emails that our headteacher Joe sends out to all parents at school, keeping them updated on life in the classroom.

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