We are here to help you raise happy humans and grow individuals. We see the first six years of life as nothing short of critical in the development of the person they become. These are the years they develop their sense of self and a time of intense learning (crazy intense!).  

We are here to capitalize on THE opportunity they will never have again. We present a prepared environment, just for them, and allow them to learn through their own discovery.  

How this looks like in the classroom... 
We model behaviors (how we treat them and each other), we present lessons throughout the room at their height, so they have a choice in what they learn that’s guided by THEIR interest (which ultimately makes them more receptive to it), we don’t intervene immediately when a problem comes up, instead we collaborate in finding a solution (empowering them to solve future problems and trust themselves). 

In short, we are here to love your children through fully respecting and cultivating their individuality and be an Incubator of connection + community for the whole family. We know raising humans is not for the faint of heart, so we are to help support you as much as we are here to support them.  

Thank you for taking a few moments to get to know us better. We hope we get to do the same for you!


Donna Cherie

Hey, I’m Joachim (most people call me Joe). I began working at Midtown Montessori in 2014. I worked in various careers and never considered teaching until we had a child of our own. The months as a new parent were challenging. Our daughter never slept and neither did we. I vividly remember a particularly rough night when she finally fell asleep at 2:00 am in my arms. Dying to sleep, but terrified to move, I sat there staring at her and feeling a crazy sense of love I had never experienced before. In that moment I had faith I could do this whole parenting thing, which ignited the desire to teach.
Having gone to a Montessori School in grades 1-4, I am familiar with the guiding principles of Montessori and want to be a part of educating others from this place. A place where the children comfort each other and have the confidence to communicate their needs and learn a new skill. A place where the teachers really see each kiddo and respect them for who they are, just as they are. 

Helping to care for what you care about most,

Joachim Williams

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I created Midtown Montessori in 2008 after working in nonprofit and early childhood education for years. I have a deep affection for children and parents alike (I’m a mother to three and Nana to 5). There is an intense need in our society for people to feel fully seen for who they are and feel connection. The best and most profound place to nourish this is in the first 6 years of life (it’s documented that our sense of self develops is in these precious years; this FACT often gets overlooked). I created a school to be a container for this precious time. My amazing team of teachers and I are here to cherish + charm your child into becoming the best version of themselves.

Helping to care for what you care about most,


Hey There!




Midtown Montessori has created a stimulating and peaceful environment where we have watched our two daughters grow, explore, learn, and thrive! There is such beauty and thought in each lesson that is taught, and so much love and care is given to each young person. I feel tremendous gratitude that my daughters can spend/have spent this formative time in their development in the warm and nurturing community of Midtown Montessori. We love the community feel, the care for Earth and all her creatures, and the empathy and compassion that is modeled by all. Thank you!!

We love the community feel!

-Martita Emde

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