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we let the child lead.

We present children with opportunities (the lesson), stand back, observe, believe in their possibility, over and over again.



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As parents ourselves, we know how much trust you are putting in us.  All of this to say, we love yours like we love ours. We also love each other.

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I wish my son could go here until college...

If I'm being honest, Midtown Montessori peaked my interest because I read something on their website about using essential oils and gardens.  I really didn't know much about Montessori Philosophy, just that it seemed to have an element of peacefulness to it.   We were new to the area, so finding a preschool with a community feeling was/is important. We get that and so much more at Midtown. 

My son is so calm and happy everyday when I him pick up.  He's helping me sweep the floors and the empty the dishwasher because he's so eager to help. I knew he was incredible, but lawd Midtown is bringing out his best side for sure.  They are also bringing out my best side as parent.  I've learned so much from Donna and Jo about respecting my son and treating him like a whole, real person.  I was not expecting to get so much out of a preschool.  Midtown really is SO MUCH MORE than a preschool.  It's a lifestyle upgrade I never knew I always wanted.  

-Kelli Preston