January 2024 Newseltter

January 15, 2024

Happy New Year!

The holidays are about celebrating our community here at Midtown and we fully embraced that this year.

Kicking off the season we hosted our annual Stone Soup Potluck in November! the children each brought in a vegetable to contribute to the soup and diligently chopped and added it to the pot. The story of the Stone Soup is a wonderful celebration of the power of community and the children were delighted to share their soup with their families later that day.

Later that week one of our parents came in to talk about the festival of Diwali and help the class make a rangoli art project using glue and colorful sand.

We absolutely love it when members of our community come into school and share traditions from their own cultures. Children learn that although families celebrate different holidays and enjoy different foods/fun, all of our celebrations are rooted in community and caring.

Speaking of caring, at the beginning of December we went on our annual field trip to visit our friends on 7th Avenue, at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. They do such an amazing job looking after animals in Santa Cruz County and our children love to take gifts to them at this time of year. It is a great way to talk about giving and the spirit of the season.

The class got to meet cats, rabbits, dogs, chickens, and a parakeet. During the week the class practiced how to walk calmly while holding on to the rope, how to be careful and gentle around the animals, and we discussed the importance of giving and sharing with others.

On our last day at school of 2023 we celebrated together during our Winter Light Festival. We sang holiday songs such as Feliz Navidad, This Little Light of Mine and Jingle Bells, lit candles and enjoyed joining up as a community at this special time of year for so many different families.

And now we’re already halfway through the school year! The class has grown so much over the last months. In addition to the abundance of learning and curiosity, we have witnessed their development of independence, learning to help each other, and spontaneous moments of love and kindness.

We can’t wait for all the fun to be had in 2024!


Ps. We are currently fully enrolled but are accepting applications for the school year 2024/25 – please do reach out if you’d like to come and tour the school or if you have any questions.

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