The Children bring their lunch. We provide an organic morning snack and we occassionally make food like popsicles, pesto, garden harvestings, and bread to allow children to delight in the kitchen then we divide up the fruits of our labor.

Do You provide lunch and/ or snacks?  NOT DURING The pandemic

What is the child to Teacher Ratio? During the pandemic 7:1, LIMIT 14 STUDENTS

We Do!  We discuss this based on availability and how many children you would like to enroll.  We also offer discounts for tuition paid in advance annually.

Do You  offer a discount to families enrolling multiple children? Not available during Pandemic

Yes, please. Accidents are fine. Mainly they need to be out of diapers during the day.  (We are not licensed for diapering or pull-ups).

Does My Child need To be Potty Trained To Attend?

Children 2 ½ (and toilet trained~although accidents are okay) to entry to first grade. Two years six months is the earliest children can attend here (our license). 

Is My Kiddo the right Age?


Can I come Tour midtown montessori?

We would love if you did! We conduct parent school tours lasting about 15 to 30 minutes at 2:35 in the afternoon. If you would like a school tour, please complete the waiting list application and ask to be added to the parent tour/observation calendar. 

Do you offer full and Part-Time Care?

For parents who have flexibility in their schedules, Midtown Montessori offers a 4 day a week option. However, five-day programs create the consistency that is so important to young children and essential in developing a grounded Montessori classroom experience, and most of our children come 5 days. The primary goal of Montessori involves creating a culture of consistency, order, and empowerment. We can combine schedules to make (example) 3 full days and 2 half days, for your coverage and your child’s maximum experience. 

We have capacity for 22 children (our license is 26).
Midtown Montessori is staffed to provide a 7:1 ratio throughout the day, with never more than 11 children with a single staff member at any time. There is always a minimum of 2 staff on site, even at the end of the day when there is one child remaining. 

Current RATES + FEES

How Much?

Based on Year Round Schedule


5 days per week 

4 days per week 

Restrictions During Pandemic

8:30 AM- 2:30 PM 



*There is no extended care available at this time. School operations are subject to unanticipated, uncalendared closures due to unforeseen circumstances, fires, and pandemics.

Fees + Discounts

Registration and Enrollment fee $300

Tuition deposit = $500

discounts for kindergarten year, sibling enrollment, and advanced annual tuition.

Steps to Enrollment

Head Over to the Contact Page, Fill out our Handy Form, aNd we'll Get Right Back To you within 24 Business Hours.

you love what you see. Next UP, secure your spot with enrollment fee and Tuition deposit. 

And just like that you're part of the Midtown montessori family.

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We are so grateful!

Thank you for helping us become better parents, and helping our littles be so independent and connected at the same time!

-Dr. Laetitia Oderman